Spillin‘ tenderness

Wildapfel gedeiht farbenprächtig nebst aufblühenden Kirschblüten

sakura sakura
noyama mo sato mo
mi-watasu kagiri
kasumi ka kumo ka
asahi ni niou
sakura sakura
hana zakari[5]

sakura sakura
yayoi no sora wa
mi-watasu kagiri
kasumi ka kumo ka
nioi zo izuru
izaya izaya
mini yukan

Lovely thanks dear Leo

… once you created your very intuitive background for my performance


Schöne Pflanze~gerankt an einer Mauer

wie Wind so schlängelst Du dich da

fühlest Zephyr~der mit süßem Schauer

in den Blättern freier Bäume weilt

und auch an deinen leicht verweilt

Dein Anblick geht mir ach so nah

Und wild-bebildert Phantasie

stellt mir mit flüchtiger Magie

deine Gestalt schnell vor mich hin

die~befreit vom freien Sinn

natürlich in mir schwingt

und ich in dir ganz mühelos und unbedingt

Poem♧in Anlehnung an Sophie Mereau

L’animazione 2003


French electronicists Air describe City Reading as a spoken-word album, acknowledging that their music is intended to hover in the background while Italian novelist Alessandro Baricco reads extracts from his novel City, which concerns the lurid imaginative life of a mathematical prodigy.

The project took root last year, when Baricco invited Air to perform live at a reading he gave at Rome’s Teatro Valle. Air have some previous experience as accompanying musicians, having devised the score for Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut The Virgin Suicides, but anybody expecting a full-scale Air album should have a trial listen first.

Baricco’s gravelly monotone would put the speaking clock to sleep, and while Air contribute distant thunder, lonesome wind noises and artful textures of varying ghostliness, this is really one for Baricco’s fans